Timothy & Shane Spall (The Princess Matilda)

The tiny Valiant yacht, Jolly Olly, came into the marina. Oliver Rofix the skipper is 25 and like my husband, the actor Timothy Spall, he has survived leukemia.
“Olly’s the valiant one!” Tim said the next day as Jolly Olly  followed us out of Amble marina.  The Princess Matilda weighing 35 tons, heading south and Olly going north.
“I’ve seen bigger boats in Battersea boating lake!” Tim exclaimed.
“Good luck Olly!” we both shouted as we waved him goodbye.
“See you back in London.”
But Timothy and I know what treacherous times lie ahead of him. If you are lucky enough to meet up with Olly help him on his way. Food, fuel, a free berth, put cash in his bucket and if you know any man under 25, get them to have a simple blood test, it may save someone’s life!