The strip down

Well this is what I’m up against! Below is how I received it and how I’ve start the challenge

As you can see there is a lot of bits missing!

An original Willy’s engine, oil filter housing and sadly the starter motor missing, this could cause problems in the future as they a literally are rare as hens teeth!

Sadly the bottom of the fuel tank has rusted through and i won’t be able to repair it.

Chassis is bent through all dimensions +/_  1 – 3/4″ I will be able to straighten this  and use this chassis, saving about £1400 and keeping its originality adds to the Jeep.

As you can see much work is needed, +.60 and a crack in the bore. Hardened vale seat, re bore and liners will need to be fitted to bring this engine back to standard to give it the best chance to succeed with the Jeeps future plans!

Ready stripped down and inspected, new brake system will be a MUST.

Well let the work begin on the chassis, this could take some time!