The Flying Adventure

The Training 

Where to start? Well it is just a little different…

Over the years I’ve tried hard to capture the imagination of others searching for a goal to help get them through their time of need, these challenges also keep me going over 10 years on following my illness.

I’ve taken to the sea, I’ve driven all over the country so I thought why not take to the sky?

On researching the least expensive way to fly, I discovered this rather odd looking contraption called a Paramotor.

I found chap who had one, I remember him pulling a frame out of his car, then bolting what can only be described as a lawn mower engine to it. Then in another bag, out came this big parachute-looking thing, he clipped it all together and then to himself and took took the skies on it. I took one look at all this and just said to myself “I am going to do it!”



I had an opportunity to go for a tandem flight, I was very excited until take off when I tripped- pulling me, the instructor, a 30kg paramotor and a wing to the ground. It hurt! This didn’t put me off but made me realise it was going to be harder than I thought…

Sky School – here I come!


The Challenge: The Icarus X Series

This challenge in all in aid of the Anthony Nolan Trust, I’m not asking for any financial support at all, but am grateful for the support from the companies related to the sport offering a small discount on the kit needed to get my feet of the ground!

The Icarus X is held on July 2018

200 mile race

2 days

Set in the vastness of Devon – once you leave the start line you’re on your own until you cross the finish line the next day



Other Challenges