A start! – with Davis help

After a jam packed 12-18 months starting a small business and moving into the new workshop I have got no idea where time has diapered too!


At long last I have managed to get myself sorted an begin to peace together the Jeep Challenge and the first person so come and get stuck in was Dave, all credit to him to come down to the workshop after a hard days work!

I know it docent look like much has been changing but behind the seines there has been little time to sit down with a cuppa… I have started to very gradually get some local media involved to try and help kick start the project and get local people to come along. Over the next couple of weeks the chassis will be painted with its green top coat, from there we can start building up the chassis with its running gear.

It’s a BIG goal but I would love to have the axles on before Christmas! Lets see what happens next time…