Very pleased to announce that Tom at Parajet has offered to part sponsor the Flying Adventure.

I will be flying a Zenith, one of the worlds smallest pack down paramotors! So there really is no where in the world I cant take it!

After the Icarus X my plan was to stay another night in the field then early Monday morning head over to ParaJet and introduce myself to Tom and tell him about what I’ve done and to hopefully get the company interested in my plans but on Sunday afternoon I was invited to the pub by Kester as he thought it would be a good opportunity to meet a few of the others involved in paramotoring. This meant I ended up pitching my tent (below) in the field next to the office of ParaJet, unsure if this was a good idea or not I went with it… Turned out to be a really brilliant night and I met some great people, this is where I started to learn that paramotoring isn’t all about flying, it has a huge social element to it, almost like an extended family.


The next morning, unfortunately Tom wasn’t there so I introduced my self to John and thats where it all began…