Oliver’s Travels

The Mission

Oliver’s Travels is a non-profit organisation established to raise funds and awareness for charities that supported me throughout my illness.

Since 2011, I have been organising projects and attending events with the aim of inspiring others to achieve their own goals and dreams. ‘Olly’s Challenges’ are unique adventures designed to generate public interest, increase awareness of the bone marrow transplant register and cancer and enable me to tell my story through undertaking projects and motivational talks.

‘Olly’s Challenges’ include:

Round Britain Sailing Challenge

Tractor Challenge

HMS Scylla Diving Challenge

3 Peaks Tractor 1000 Challenge

Jolly Jeep’s NHS Mission

The Flying Adventure

To achieve all of this I rely on sponsorship on top of what I can afford to put in to keep the projects going, the small company I started ROFIX Restoration maintains the workshop in which Oliver’s Travels is kept.

Oliver’s Travels has already generated a tremendous amount of support from individuals and companies offering financial backing or products.

If you would like to become a partner of Oliver’s Travels to help me achieve my next challenge, please get in touch.

I can not do this without the generosity of others like you.

Thank You.

Oliver Rofix.