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Sponsor to the 2015 Tractor 1000 Challenge

Together we have decided to use the £1000 of funds left, raised in 2013 Fishboure Arts Week to put towards the 2015 Tractor 1000 Challenge which is Lands End to John O’Groats.

These funds should just about cover all the fuel costs involved.

This challenge will be in aid of the Teenage Cancer Trust as it is the ‘follow on’ challenge from 2013.

The challenge will start early September.

Fantastic news!!


Main sponsor to the 2013 Tractor Challenge

Fishbourne arts week has been organised by the Royal Victoria Yacht Club and locals of Fishbourne on the Isle of Wight.

The community of Fishboure and the Fishbourne Arts Week have worked really hard and together we raised the funds needed to complete the 2013 Tractor Challenge. This will enable me to go off and raise money for the Teenage Cancer Trust with the tractor as I visit the hospitals found the country.

Sadly at the start of the challenge it became apparent that there was a little confusion within the Teenage Cancer Trust and visiting their wards. Due to this and the ever ticking clock I had to made the decision to reduce the 2013 challenge. After a meeting with Fishboure we decided the new route and I took £700 to complete the reduced challenge. The remaining funds raised as sponsorship for Oliver’s Travels will be held by Fishbourne for next challenge.


2013 Tractor Challenge: 

Was a success! I managed to turn the £700 os sponsorship into a £1430 donation to the Teenage Cancer Trust!