Jolly Jeep’s NHS Mission

The Restoration


‘Jolly Jeep’

Over 70 years old, The Willys Jeep is a long way from the vehicles we are use today, for a start it doesn’t have a heating system, so no need to have windows or doors…

The J.E.E.P is well known to have Just Enough Essential Parts, so how far can that take me?

There a many future challenges this Jeep is going to be used for  but the first part of the challenge is to rebuild it!

I am calling anyone who has been effected by cancer to come alone to the workshop and be part of the rebuild and be a part of the Jeep’s Challenge, there’s plenty of tea and if the weather is nice we can put a BBQ on.  

About the Jeep

(I used the boat as my goal to get through my treatment, building it up bit by bit I found to be a fantastic escape from reality and a great goal to focus on)

It’s time to thank the NHS and it’s fabulous staff for I have always said ‘they are the real heroes‘ Throughout my treatment and all the follow up appointments I had since my treatment the system has not once let me down.

In my challenges, I often choose to rebuild old vehicles – giving them a new lease of life – to inspire others to achieve their own goals. In many ways, I feel this renovation is comparable to what the NHS has done for me and many others – when a machine has fault I diagnose the cause, then I go to the stores to locate a new part and getting the machine up and running again. The doctors diagnosed me and went to the Anthony Nolan Trust to find my donor, when I was fitted with my new immune system I was back up and running.

Over the years the NHS has been taking a lot of fire from the media and the public – I think it’s time everyone who works in our great hospitals get a great big thank you!



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The Challenge

To go to key hospitals across the country, building a campaign to thank the NHS 

To raise funds and awareness for Bloodwise and the Anthony Nolan Trust

Invite fellow survivors & people undergoing treatment to come with me

I will be thanking hospitals in the following areas (to be confirmed):



















I am asking for support from companies to help me complete this Jeep and the challenge through sponsorship, I have all ready absorbed all my available funds into buying the Jeep and getting it ready for this massive challenge is going to be impossible without help.

 Jeep Parts UK are very kindly offering a reduced cost of components as sponsorship. If you feel you can sponsor some components or offer any advice then it would be great to hear from you.

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