Become a Partner?

Jolly Jeep NHS Mission = £ 5000 target – Running Total = £ 2000 

What are the funds being used for?

Sponsorship though one or multi sources is key to the success of Jolly Jeeps NHS Challenge, as this challenge is different in the way that I’m offering others who have been effected by cancer to be a part of the rebuild and take part in the challenge there a more costs compared to previous challenges.

The funds will be used for:

100% of the funds goes into the challenge, there are NO overhead costs, this is all achieved on voluntary time.

What Oliver’s Travels offers:

Please contact me to come long and see first hand at the workshop near Diss (Suffolk) what the challenge involves and to discuss how your involvement could help.

To date Oliver’s Travels has raises over raised over £60,000 for charity and has knowingly recruited over 1500 new potential donors to the Anthony Nolan Trust register and one of these people became a match for someone in need of a stem cell transplant.

These truly fantastic results have only been made possible through the fantastic support of my supporters and followers and now with an official workshop I want to take Oliver’s Travels to the next step and get others involved in challenges, letting others be a part of a challenge and help develop it, provides an opportunity to meet others in a relaxed exciting environment, be part of a team to achieve a great goal.