Gerbing Heated Clothing

Gerbing heated cloths

Back in 2013 just before the 2013 Tractor Challenge  I went out and bought a pair of Gerbing heated glove from my local motor cycle shop. I thought this would be a great way to keep my hands warm and dry. All I can say that they have been possible once of the best thing I have ever bought!

Since being ill my circulation has been effected and is very poor and I get the most terrible cramps when I’m cold. With all this in mind it has need one of my bigger concerns right from the planing of this challenge. I fear the cold and on a tractor you can’t really get away for it and the weather this you hasn’t been all that great.

So I got in touch with Nicky at Gerbing and told her what I’ve done, doing and what I’m planning in the future.

They have very kindly sponsored me a complete set of heated cloths, jacket, trousers, socks and all the plays and cables needed. This really is going to make a huge difference!!

Having plugged them all in and turned the heat up made me with I had these when I sailed done the 2011 Round Britain Sailing Challenge they are going to be fantastic on the tractor…

Thank you Nicky for your help!